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Donnerstag, 3. September 2015, 22:06

18.09.2015 - Pogotronix - Koepi / Berlin




Soliparty for bringing drinking water into the Guajira region, north of Columbia


Friday 18th Septembre 2015 @ Koepi / Berlin
from 11pm until 8am

Line up

Sebass - DnB - Re.set - COL

Gon - Crossbreed - Meltingpot - SP

RaT.C - DnB - DE

TaOuch - Hardcore / Breakcore - Kaometry - DE

Rob - Tekno - Prokedia - DE


Lights: K::R kioko / asymetriker
VJs: Guinea pigs // Nice Fontaine // Piper
Flyer Gfx by kioko



It is our intention to raise awareness over the following issue in La Guajira / Colombia where indigenous Communities have difficulties to obtain free access to potable water.

The Wayuu are an Indigenous tribal people, located in La Guajira, the most Northerly point of Colombia. The land is predominantly a desert, crossed by one River, the Rio Rancheria, which is their source of Life.
La Guajira is also home to the worlds biggest open cast coal mine, EL CERREJON. Since the Multinational Mining company put a dam on the river, very little water flows. More than 100 children have died from malnutrition in the last 3 years.

Together with the local association „syndrome aktif“ we want to make a positive impact and supply the Wayuu people with their own Water cleaning System. All money raised will be completely invested in these simple but effective filters, with no hidden „administration“ costs and they will be personally delivered directly to the people who need them most.

support by Kaometry, Melting Pot and Re.set


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