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Sonntag, 13. März 2016, 15:50

31.03.2016 - Kaometry @ Lauschangriff / Berlin

Extrem.Berlin presents Kaometry records

Thursday 31st March 2016 @ Lauschangriff / Berlin
from 9pm until late

Every Thursday Extrem.Berlin hosts events at Lauschangriff in collaboration with Berlin-based underground music-collectives: Splatterkore, Oscilloplexe (Freakwenz), Kaometry and Grundfrequenz.

on the 31st of March, it is the turn of Kaometry records, Berlin based label.


::::::::::::::::::::::Line up:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

► Ghost // Idm Breakcore // Life4Land - Mozyk - UK ◄
► MERS // Idm Breakcore // Kaometry - Bankizz // BE ◄
► Zeuge // Hardcore Breakcore // Bankizz - Abstrakt Reflections // RU ◄
► Najmal // Acid Idm // Kaometry // DE ◄


// Ghost //

new album Exploding Geometry out on "Mozyk" available in CD, Tape and Digital

Ghost is a musician/producer based in Cambridge, England who has spent most of his life writing music. Ghost’s organic beats are truly one of kind. As a crucial member of the LIFE4LAND collective and the local rave scene, he remains a highly respected producer by his peers who’ve come to recognize him as one of the leading forces of LIFE4LAND.

// MERS //

This year, MERS brings a new EP out on Kaometry. Seven melodic tracks breakées with a remix for Wisp and four collaborations with his partner the keyboard player LBH Di Vegas. With this EP, M.E.R.S shows that he has matured. Mechanic Paradox shows M.E.R.S’ evolution in the IDM et breakcore universe.…echanic-paradox

// Zeuge //

Dima, alias Zeuge , just moved from Saint-Petersburg to Hamburg. He is one of those Breakcore - Idm artist, extensively active in Europe. His music was influenced by Ruby My Dear, Venetian Snares, .. . He made with Satan an album on Peace Off Rec and join Bankizz recently.

// Najmal //
Acid // Idm


Lauschangriff. Rigaer Str. 103. Berlin, Germany

Kaometry records


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