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Montag, 9. Oktober 2017, 10:27

The Complete Low Entropy 1997-2004

It's 20 years since I started doing music. So here it is. (Almost) all original files from my first period of doing music, 1997-2004. These are tracks that have been released on vinyl on labels like Widerstand, Blut, Black Monolith, Kougai... and CD compilations, tapes, CD-Rs... plus plenty and plenty of tracks that were not released back then. There is everything on here, speedcore, dark ambient, early breakcore, techno and hard acid, pure noize, microtuning... tracks like Urban Uprising, Anarchize or Society Has No Further Use For You. The complete early Entropy. Some of the tracks have been digitally remastered, others are in the original version. Enjoy!

Includes the releases:

Techno Hardcore Anarchy 1998
Industrial Breakcore And Speedcore 1997-2004
the demo CD-R
Experiments in Just Intonation And Microtuning
Speedcore 1997-2003
The Breakcore Remasters
Cyberspace Archives
Musik Ohne Action
Acid Massacre The Original Masters
The Speedcore Remasters
Dustor Sheean - Break Out! And Other Tracks
Dustor Sheean - Round Two
Unreleased Tracks Part 1
Unreleased Tracks Part 2
Unreleased Tracks Part 3
Unreleased Tracks Part 3.4
Unreleased Tracks Part 3.5
Unreleased Tracks Part 6
Unreleased Tracks Part 6.2
Unreleased Tracks Part 7


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