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Sonntag, 11. April 2010, 11:48

5 Years Praxis Online Store!

5 Years Praxis Online Store!
It's now 5 years that the Praxis Mailorder went online with a "proper" store.
Before that we had merely lists of records on the C8 board, and way way back before then were the mail ordere catalogues on the printed Praxis Newsletters and photocopied lists.
Over the years the shop has been growing and growing, we opened a "real" record store in Berlin and re-designed the online shop significantly a little over a year ago.
In the years since 2005 a lot more online shops have opened and general decline in overall record sales has occurred. These factors have contributed to the fact that we have not yet been fully able to realize the vision we have of the shop which is to expand the selection to a wider variety of counter-cultural items (besides records to more books, magazines, DVDs etc), but we're still working on it.
In the meantime Datacide, the magazine for noise & politics, has been online here for a little over a year featuring most of the material of the printed editions plus online only contributions:
We are currently involved with organizing monthly events in Berlin at Knochenbox (usually second Friday each month, but check out the datacide site for the exact dates).
We are also planning to redesign the Praxis website. Because this may take a few months we set up a blog which is featuring the latest news and views:
And - long overdue but finally fully functional - we have set up a download store where you can buy high quality mp3's of releases from Praxis, Sub/Version, Girlcum, Darkmatter and others exclusively, and also some non-exclusive material from like-minded labels such as Zhark International. Releases are being added slowly but steadily - check it out here:
Keep it noisy and hope to hear from you soon!

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